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Motion Mechanica Picture Support Ltd is founded on the principle that the Entertainment Industry’s number one asset is the people. We know Film making tools are only as proficient as the operator and our team has a great deal of experience when combined with high quality equipment. Motion Mechanica meets the demands of a challenging and fast paced industry.

Our mission is to marry top caliber technicians with the most technically advanced film making equipment. This ensures the creative process is professional, seamless, fun and made at the highest possible level.

Motion Mechanica Picture Support Ltd is based in Vancouver, Canada and founded by Brian Bouma. Together our team of highly experienced technicians provide Telescopic camera cranes and camera support equipment to the Motion Picture Industry. The team has worked on numerous multi-million dollar, Block Buster projects that have spanned the globe. This experience gives the Motion Mechanica team a strong sense of the quality and professionalism that the film industry demands.

Creative people are the backbone of the Entertainment Industry, this we recognize and use as our institution. We unite the most talented operators with state of the art equipment. This creates a winning combination of quality and professionalism.

We thrive on teamwork. We know and understand that by working together, each member with their specific skills and strengths, we produce superior and safer results for and with our customers. We strive for excellence in everything we do, consistently finding ways to take our business to new levels of performance.

Brian and the Motion Mechanica Team fully understand that first class service and professional top quality results lead to repeat business. Thank you for your support.

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