To Our Valued Partners and Friends,

We are writing to share an update on our COVID-19 Safety Plan that will help us all return to work safely.

With the rapid and ongoing changes we are experiencing due to COVID-19, we want to ensure the health and safety of our partners and team members are our top priority, as well as ensure we provide timely and smooth operations over this period.

Therefore, we have put in place policies, guidelines, and procedures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. We are following CDC protocols, as well as WorkSafeBC industry protocols for “tools and equipment” for motion picture and television production.

Our organization, is taking the appropriate measures to prevent and combat any contamination with increased cleaning and sanitization schedules for inbound and outbound equipment and tool rentals, as well as for our warehouse spaces.

We have created established protocols for cleaning and disinfecting equipment, tools, and high-contact areas of the warehouses. Most items will be cleaned with diluted bleach and water solution; while the cranes, remote heads, and trailers will be cleaned and disinfected using 70% rubbing alcohol and vital oxide. We are also ensuring our team and partners wash and sanitize their hands before and after using any of our tools or equipment.

As most of you know, our organization isn’t open to the general public, so in an effort to further minimize close contact and unnecessary interactions, we have curbside pickup available. And, where possible, we are assigning one person to handle all inbound and outbound rental equipment. This eliminates the necessity of adding an extra person in our warehouse.

Also, all our staff will be wearing the appropriate protective garments, gloves, and masks. Should any of our partners or team members require personal protective equipment, we will be able to make these items available to them.

These precautions aim to ensure our partners, our teams, and our members in production, that we are taking the necessary steps to protect them and keep them safe.

There have been no reported cases of COVID-19 within our warehouses. In addition, there have been minimal impacts and delays on rentals. We have been working hard with our team and alongside our partners to ensure we have timely and smooth operations over this transitional period.

Our goal is to provide our partners and team with safe and technically advanced film making equipment which can allow our crane and camera technicians to feel safe, be more creative, and let their true craftsmanship shine.

As always, the team and I will continue to be available to support your productions and answer any questions.

In addition, we will keep you updated as we maintain and revise our COVID-19 Safety Plan as this global situation continues to evolve.


Brian Bouma – General Manager

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